Water Intoxication Caused By Excessive Drinking

It’s unbelievable that some people die just to get their ‘fifteen minutes of fame’. But who in the world has heard of
someone dying from drinking too much water?

In many parts of the world, extreme drought is causing great hardship. Australia is in the worst drought in 1000
years according to official sources, yet a Radio Station in California has held a water drinking contest and
someone has died from water intoxication.

What some Australian Farmers wouldn’t give just to get a fraction of that misused water for their family’s survival so
they can stay on their properties and not have to walk-off. They have stood by for years now watching dams dry
up and stock die.

Water Intoxication (http://www.diabetesinsipidus.org/whatisdi_glossary.htm) happens when a person drinks water
in excess and causes a significant lowering of the concentration of sodium in the blood. This in turn causes the
brain to swell and this produces a decreased level of conscientiousness. One would be inclined to think that a
thinking and responsible person would realize well-before this stage that something really ‘bad’ was happening to
their body and discontinue. But, in order to get that fifteen minutes of fame, was apparently more important than
taking care of oneself.

To cut a long story short, they continued drinking water until the point of collapsing and death.

What is so wrong with a person’s mentality when they think they have to do this for attention?
When a person feels that they have to ‘win at all costs’ and kill themselves doing it, surely there must be some other
way to care for people who apparently are beyond caring for themselves?

The Radio Station people who “dreamed up” this killer-idea could find a bit more Education helpful. If they can’t
read for whatever reason, they can now find a lot of important information about the Human Body available in audio


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