Water Acne Treatment – Does Drinking Water Really Help Acne?

Drinking water is essential for clean skin and your overall health. The main mistake people make is that they think a
water acne treatment on its own is enough to clear their skin. In this article, you can discover why water is
important and I’ll provide links to resources for tips to ensure you are drinking the right water to help clear your
skin better.

The main functions of water:

1. It helps carry toxins to your digestive system to get rid of them efficiently. If you drink enough water, it means
that there is less toxins in the body to cause acne break outs.

2. Water is involved in almost all of your bodies processes. If you don’t drink enough water, your body doesn’t
function as well as it could and your immune system isn’t as strong to fight of acne causing bacteria.

3. If your water intake is too low then the kidneys don’t perform as effectively. The water helps the kidneys dissolve
waste so if there isn’t enough water some of the waste is excreted through the pores on your skin which can cause
acne flare ups.

4. If the kidneys can’t function to their full potential they pass some of the burden to the liver. So if the liver has to
do some of the kidneys work it can’t break down and remove excess hormones from your body as effectively. And
this hormonal imbalance can cause acne.

5. If you have constipation then toxins are not removed properly and some will leave through your skin causing
acne. Drinking more water can return normal bowel movements which means less toxins will leave through the skin
and can improve acne.


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