The Effects of Insomnia

Many people consider insomnia as a disease but as a matter of fact, it is a symptom but not a disease. Many
people suffer from insomnia but the effects of insomnia vary from person to person and many people do not even
realize that they have insomnia. One of the most common symptoms of insomnia is daytime sleepiness and people
who suffer from insomnia usually take naps which will disturb their regular sleep cycle. Effects of insomnia can
have a serious impact on a person’s life if he is facing serious sleepless issues.

What is Insomnia? Is Insomnia Common?

These are the two questions which puzzle many people and the answer to the first question is that insomnia is a
sleeping disorder that makes a person feel that he is not getting enough sleep at night. The answer for second
question is that insomnia is common among many people but many people who have sleeping disorders do not
realize that they have insomnia. Our body has an ideal time to sleep and this sleeping time is decided by a
biological clock in our body and its ability to judge our sleeping time is known as ‘circadian rhythm’. This biological
clock adjusts itself with external factors such as light and body workouts.

When you sleep late each day, you may wake up very late and will still feel tired or you may go to bed early but will
wake up pretty soon. These are the impacts of changing work culture and can be considered as the beginning of
insomnia. Effects of Insomnia can be either short term or long term and some of them can be life threatening. It is
essential to know the effects of insomnia and find out a remedy for each problem.

Effects of Insomnia

• Lack of Alertness – Without sufficient sleep, our body will not function properly and you can’t concentrate on your
work. The alertness level of a person will be very low and productivity will come down drastically.

• Irritating Behavior – When our body does not have sufficient rest, you will always feel very tired and it can take a
huge portion of your patience. You will get angry very fast and may not interact well with your colleagues or family.

• Quick Aging – A person who suffers from insomnia will quickly develop wrinkles on skin and the glow of his/her
skin will vanish quickly.

• Increased Blood Pressure – With long term insomnia, your blood pressure can increase and you will suffer from
anxiety and depression.

Effects of Insomnia is not limited only to these things but a person who has long term insomnia may fail to lead a
satisfying sex life. Learning skills of a person will become very low and picking up new things can be a tough task
for many insomnia patients. Our body will lose the ability to process glucose in an effective manner which will lead
to other serious health issues and this is why people who suffer from insomnia should seek immediate medical


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