Simple Exercise Activities That Help Achieve Beautiful Skin

When one aspires to have a clear skin and glowing complexion, one easy and inexpensive routine to be done is
exercise. And for those who cannot keep up with regular outings to the gym, due to time or financial constraint,
you can do these simple activities as your forms of exercise.

Walking is one popular and easy form of exercise. Whether it’s taking the time to have a short stroll in the park or
parking your car distance away from your office’s front door, make it a point to stretch out your legs and walk a
short distance every day. Activities like this increase one’s heartbeat and also enhance the flow of blood to skin
cells, bringing much needed oxygen and nutrients. This process also helps eliminate toxins and all the unwanted
substances within cells that, over time, may cause some health problems.

If you are concerned about exposure to sunlight and polluting substances that are ever present in metropolitan
areas, try to do your walks in shady parks or in malls. Or use the treadmill, if you have one. The important thing
here is to sweat it out, so the dirt and sebum clogging your pores will be flushed out. Walking the dog after dinner
is also a good and viable alternative, providing not only opportunity for exercise but also to spend some time with
your pet. Just be sure to lessen your outdoor exposure during cold weather, as this can also promote dryness in

One good option of keeping fit as well as enjoying your natural surroundings is riding a bike. If your community
provides a good biking path, allot some time to take advantage of this amenity. This activity is sure to relax both the
mind and the body, reducing and even eliminating whatever stress you might have felt.

Dancing is also known to relieve stress, which is associated with the breakout of those unwanted and often
dreaded acne. You don’t have to go to dance lessons to get that groove going. Even staying in your apartment and
turning some fast music on is enough to get your feet moving. And no, you don’t have to follow steps like
professionals do. Just enjoy the moment and sweat all your frustrations and anger out. This will keep the adrenal
gland from producing male hormones, substances that are implicated in the formation of acne. And it will not hurt
for you to cultivate and practice positive thinking, as this will keep you from frowning too much, a big no-no when
you want to keep your face line free and youthful looking.

Another form of exercise that can also be considered as recreation is swimming. Activities like these not only build
muscles but also enhance the production of collagen, the substance that keeps the whole body firm and toned.
Just be sure to put on some sunblock when swimming outdoors, as well as putting on some moisturizing lotion
afterwards, as prolong exposure to water can also dry the skin out.


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