Raw Food Diet to Cure Your Acne – Nurse’s Secrets

If you’re suffering from skin problems such as acne, no matter what age you’re, you may not have any idea what
is causing it or how you can cure your acne. Experts often disagree on what causes acne and there may be a
number of causes. Regardless of the cause, most likely its diet related and a raw food diet may be your answer. It
is more than likely due to the liver getting rid of toxins in one of several ways and the most noticeable is through
your skin.

If you’ve noticed bumps not only on your face, but also on your chest, back and other areas your liver is probably
complaining. It’s telling you it’s overloaded with toxins and it has to get rid of them.

Now you may be thinking you can put something on the acne bumps or breakouts to get rid of them such as one of
the number of acne creams available on the market loaded with chemicals and in a very few cases they may
disappear but they’re likely to come back because you haven’t got to the root of the problem.

Some of the oral acne medications and acne creams haven been taken off the market in recent years because
they contain harmful chemicals. Be careful before thinking about applying anything to your skin that is harmful.
Your liver has to evaluate and get rid of these chemicals too.

Keeping a food diary every day for a week should tell you just how much food you’re putting into your precious
body that is good for you. Do you have fruits and vegetable on your list and a lot of them? Is junk food on your list?
Lots of canned or processed or packaged food that is dead? Be careful about eating gluten grains like wheat,
barley, rye, etc. because a large number of people are sensitive to them or actually have full blown celiac disease
or are gluten intolerant but haven’t been diagnosed yet.

Once you’ve determined that you aren’t eating food that is loaded with raw living phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals
and antioxidants that can actually boost your immune system to help your liver and other organs then you may be
able to see why you are suffering with acne now.

The body really needs a lot of vital, living foods – foods that are raw and in their natural states– a predominately
raw food diet – raw fruits, raw veggies, raw nuts (not roasted) and raw seeds. Those are the most vital foods that
will help you get rid of the toxins and acne fast. Try adding as much as possible of these to your current diet. Once
you start eating a lot of raw foods you’ll notice a big burst of energy and you’ll no longer feel tired and worn out.
You acne will slowly disappear and you’ll feel good and get more restful sleep.

I know because more than ten years I had a long list of ailments including breast cancer, fibromyalgia, arthritis etc.
and cured myself naturally with a raw food diet. You may be able to get rid of your acne for good providing you eat
A LOT of raw foods. Just one fruit and veggie a day is not enough. Also supplementing with glasses of carrot juice,
freshly extracted if possible, and green juices if possible, will greatly hurry up the process of getting rid of your
acne and giving you beautiful clear skin naturally.


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