Manuka Honey – A Superfood and a Natural Acne Treatment

What makes manuka honey so beneficial as a natural acne treatment are it’s antibacterial, antimicrobial,
antiseptic, and antiviral properties.  Manuka honey (commonly referred to as active manuka honey) is a super food
made by bees who feed on the flowers of the New Zealand Manuka bush (also known as the “Tea Tree” bush).
The Manuka bush is related to the Australian Melaleuca Tree which produces tea tree oil.  When diluted, tea tree
oil is used topically as an antiseptic and antibacterial agent for various skin conditions and products for haircare
and skincare.  Although raw honey is considered to be a superfood by many health experts, manuka honey
contains many of the unique healing properties that are found in Manuka bush flowers.  Manuka honey can be
applied to the skin as a mask and it can also be eaten in small amounts as a sweet, delicious sugar substitute.

Aside from its antibacterial; antimicrobial; and antiseptic properties, manuka honey contains several other nutrients
including minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.  Research is continuously being conducted on manuka honey in
order to find more health benefits of the superfood.  Not only are the healing properties of manuka honey a natural
cure for acne, they also help to heal and prevent several conditions including stomach ulcers, infections, sore
throats, colds, and minor burns.

Manuka honey cleans and disinfects the surface of the skin while providing moisturizing and healing properties.
Manuka honey also helps to gradually remove acne scars.  A great simple natural acne treatment is to apply a
manuka honey mask as a cleanser, rinse it off after a few minutes, dry the skin leaving it damp, then immediately
apply pure aloe vera gel from the plant.  Like raw honey, pure aloe vera gel is a great non-oily moisturizer with its
own unique healing properties.

Manuka honey has several grades that determine the nutrient density of its healing properties.  The most beneficial
manuka honey to obtain is Active Manuka Honey.  UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) is the name that was given to the
highest grades of manuka honey in order to distinguish them from other manuka honeys that don’t have high
antimicrobial activity.  Many manuka honeys are not considered to be true active UMF manuka honeys.  When
selecting which active manuka honey to purchase, look for the name UMF and the active level clearly displayed on
the label.  The name UMF guarantees that the active manuka honey has high antimicrobial activity.  A high UMF
rating ensures that the honey will provide the best results, especially for internal use.  The minimum UMF rating is
10.  Some companies provide active manuka honey with a UMF rating of 15 or higher.  If purchasing active
manuka Honey for external skincare applications, it is recommended that you purchase that which has been
thoroughly filtered and sterilized.  Manuka honey should be packed in New Zealand and every batch must be
properly tested.  If the label states “Product of New Zealand”, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it was packed in
New Zealand.


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