Foods That Cause Acne – Do Dairy Products Cause Acne?

The common cause for acne breakouts is food allergies. Your body is sensitive to various kinds of food and some
foods that cause acne can cause an allergic reaction. This results in causing inflammation in the skin which can
further lead to clogging of the pores. Once the pores are clogged, the bacteria finds this condition appropriate to
grow and hence acne is formed. Certain foods cause cystic acne which is very difficult to treat. It is difficult to
identify a particular food that causes acne however here are some kinds that may be causing it.

Dairy Products

Foods that cause acne include dairy products. Studies by various researchers have indicated that dairy products
may have a negative impact on the skin; milk being one of the significant causes for acne breakout. The root
cause for this is the fat content and also the hormones present in milk. Consumption of dairy products regularly
can cause the condition to grow worse. You love cereal and milk, but it can cause you to breakout with blemishes.

Pasteurized and homogenized milk contains mucus that lines the small intestine. Absorption of nutrients, inhibited
by mucous, is caused through the small intestines. Also, cows are always being injected with hormones. Instead
try yogurt that is made from non-pasteurized milk. Dairy products not only slow down the digestion but also have
reactions with other kinds of food. Homogenized or pasteurized milk can lead to the formation of mucus that has
side effects. Dairy cows are also constantly fed with high amounts of antibiotics to maximize their milk production.
These hormones and antibiotics tend to get into your body when you consume milk. Out of all of the dairy
products, yogurt is the one that won’t cause you to have acne since yogurt is fermented partially. Its consumption
is more advisable than milk.

If your skin is acne prone or if you have acne it is recommended that you cut down on your dairy product
consumption as dairy products are rich in fat.

First, think cheese, butter,and ice cream. They all spell fat. Their base is milk and milk is rich in calcium. It
contains a high amount of fatty acid. As you learned, too much fat can cause you to breakout.

Secondly, the milk consumed generally comes from pregnant cows. The milk from pregnant cows contains
hormones. Skin glands consist of enzymes that act as a catalyst for converting such hormones into DHT
(dihydrotestosterone) hormone. DHT triggers high sebum production at skin gland. And high sebum production is
the root cause for acne. Milk is known to consist of androgen hormones. It has been proved scientifically that
androgen hormones are the breeding ground for growth of acne and pimples.

It can be concluded that every person is allergic to milk whether the symptoms occur or not as the human body
lacks the enzymes to digest milk and if digestion is not complete, then there is greater possibility of acne to occur.


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