Chemicals to Avoid When Suffering From Acne

One of the causes of Acne is surprisingly one of the least talked about. Although there are several different types
of skin complaints starting from birth, Acne doesn’t usually make a major front until early teen years.

Synthetic chemicals, like those found in Traditional Skin care products, make-up and cosmetics have been known
to flare up acne. We need to avoid the application of these synthetic chemicals and products on the skin,
especially when suffering from Acne.

Chemicals that leave residue build-up o the skin can flare-up acne. If you can use Organic skincare it will reduce
the chemicals you apply to your skin.

Some of the Chemicals to avoid when you suffer Acne include:

Sodium lauryl sulfate,
Sodium laureth sulfate,
Propylene glycol,
Mineral oil, and

These chemicals can be found in typical body wash, facial cleansers and soap. It has long been assumed that
foods like Saturated fat, chocolate and spicy food may flare acne. Some research also now indicates chemicals
within those food products may be the cause of acne. Perhaps not the food itself.

One of the best preventative measures for preventing acne is regular exfoliation. I have on occasion heard
exfoliation referred to as detoxification for the skin.

Exfoliation is best achieved with an Organic exfoliate. This ensures you are removing chemical residue from the
skin without adding more in its place.

Most treatments require the use of benzoyl peroxide or a similar cleaner. I o not recommend the use of these
products but they are a personal choice.

I instead prefer to undertake Organic preventative maintenance in an attempt to avoid chemical treatments to

A preventative maintenance should include both an external cleanse as well as an internal detoxification. The body
responds externally to internal cleansing as much as it does with external cleansing.

Your first steps to a preventative maintenance system should include:

Reduce the number and type of synthetic chemicals you use on your skin. Look for Organic Skincare products
when available.
Internal detoxification benefits your body internally and externally
Increase your water intake
Regular exercise encourages a healthy mind-set which in turn gives internal and external health benefits
Reduce your intake of Saturated fats and sugars.

It would be nice to think we can just continue living our lifestyle as normal and a magic pill can be taken to eliminate
Acne. Unfortunately that is not on the horizon and prevention or cure will still be the only options you have