Causes of Insomnia – What’s Keeping You Up at Night?

What are the causes of insomnia? This common sleep disorder which is marked by the inability to fall or stay
asleep can be triggered by many different factors. Some of the causes of insomnia are triggered by physical
issues. There are hundreds of disorders and diseases which can cause temporary or long-term sleeplessness.
Other cases of insomnia are brought about by emotional disorders. These mood disorders can manifest in many
different ways and can be both the cause and the symptom of insomnia. Many people struggle with insomnia due
to temporary, environmental stressors. Frequently, insomnia is due to a combination of these medical, emotional,
or temporary causes.

There are literally hundreds of physical issues which can be causes of insomnia. These include Parkinson’s
disease, asthma, skin disorders, and heart disease, just to name a few! Many women experience insomnia due to
hormonal issues such as monthly menstruation, menopause, pregnancy, or premenstrual syndrome. Others might
have difficulty sleeping due to physical pain or discomfort; a broken leg, carpal tunnel syndrome, or headaches.

In today’s uncertain times there are also a number of emotional stressors which can be causes of insomnia.
Depression and anxiety are common emotional disorders which can cause their sufferers to feel fear,
helplessness, or uncertainty. Stress can cause an individual to feel out of control and unable to deal with
day-to-day issues. Being unable to sleep can sometimes lead to feeling anxiety or stress, thus creating an ongoing

Temporary stressors are all around us. Every day we are confronted with situations which require our flexibility
and disrupt our body’s natural rhythms. A late night at work, a loud neighbor, a long airplane ride, or sleeping at a
hotel or friend’s home are all examples of situations which can cause a temporary disruption in our sleeping
pattern. Taking a new medication, overindulging in food or drink, or drinking an excess of caffeine can also be
causes of insomnia.


There are lots of different causes of insomnia, but fortunately, there are also a number of cures that do not involve
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