Can Tap Water Cause Acne? Prepare for the Truth

For those people who use or consume tap water regularly and somehow are affected by acne, take note! Does tap
water cause acne? The answer to that short question is “YES!”. Tap water does cause acne or in some way cause
your acne condition to worsen. If you drink or wash your face with tap water, then you need to stop doing so.
Studies have shown that tap water is causing acne.

People always have assumed that the usage of unfiltered tap water is safe for them. But do you know that tap water
is chlorinated? Chlorinated water destroys vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Loss of these fatty acids and
vitamin results in acne breakouts and damaged skin tissue. Why is the water chlorinated? That move is to kill
harmful bacterias in water so that it is safe for consumption and usage by the public. But chlorinated water also
means destroyed skin cells, beneficial bacterias and vitamins.

When you drink tap water, the chlorin in the water will kill intestinal flora and generates free radicals. The existence
of free radicals also means that your hair follicles will clog more easily – a direct cause of acne. Free radicals also
weaken your body’s immune system, which in turn will cause the sebaceous gland to secrete more sebum through
your skin, another direct cause of acne.

Consider this, if you continue to use tap water to wash your face, you are causing your acne condition to worsen.
The best and easy way to deal with this problem is to install a basic water filtration system in your home so that you
can consume and use the water safely and free of chlorin and other heavy metal elements that exist in tap water.
Do this and you shall see a difference in your acne condition.

Now that you know the harm tap water brings, start using a water filter in your home now.


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