Benefits Of Exercise On Your Skin

Many health specialists and physicians have advocated exercise as a means for achieving healthy and glowing
skin and so far, this belief have never been refuted, only reinforced.

Our skin is our largest organ, our first line of defense against all the dirt and pollution brought on by our
surrounding environment. Because of this, it is always worth our while to take care and maintain the health of this
particular organ.

As we go about our daily activities, our skin is exposed to a lot of dirt and pollution. Exercise increases the
circulation of our blood, making the delivery of nutrients to our skin easier and faster. This translates to an efficient
way of removing and flushing out whatever toxins and other harmful substances within our skin cells. In this way,
exercise prevents the build-up of these potentially damaging substances which could adversely affect our overall
health. Increased circulation also means more efficient delivery of oxygen not just to the skin but to the rest of the
body, also resulting in improved physical well-being.

Performing exercise routines also provide the means for the skin to produce collagen, the substance most
associated with delaying the aging process, particularly in skin. This is because collagen supports the fibers in our
body, making them firm. For those wishing to avoid the telltale manifestations of advancing age, exercise provides
the best option for achieving this goal. Investing large amounts of money in anti-aging products will yield minimal
results, if any, if the person concerned does not exercise regularly. The appearance of wrinkles and other lines in
the face will be delayed when we exercise. Other parts of our body will also remain firm and strong, avoiding the
sagging and flabbiness much associated with getting old.

People who have gone through tension-filled moments in their lives know that exercise helps in reducing stress.
Apart from keeping our attention off the things that bother us the most, exercise also mediates the secretion of
male hormones, substances that are implicated in acne breakouts. Because of this, people with skin prone to
break out in pimples benefits much from regular exercise. Additionally, sweat brought on by exercise unclogs the
pores of the skin, lessening the possibility of forming pimples. Those who wish to maintain clear complexions
should incorporate exercise regimen in their weekly schedules. And even if an occasional zit or two makes an
appearance in your face, it won’t be as severe and last as long as those who do not find the time or the effort to
exercise regularly.

Since exercise reduces our levels of stress, it makes us more capable of handling strong emotions, such as anger
or frustration. Everyone knows these emotions contribute to the formation of lines in our faces. Therefore, exercise
indirectly aids in uplifting our mental state, manifested in line-free faces.

Exercise also helps in hydrating our body, since we normally increase our intake of fluids following an exercise
routine. Drinking lots of water helps prevent the skin from drying out, particularly during cold winter months.


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