Acne Prevention Diet – How to Get Rid of Acne by Avoiding Certain Foods

While it is true for most people that having a piece of chocolate isn’t going to make them get a bunch of pimples,
it’s a different story if you are sensitive to chocolate. If you have food allergies or sensitivities then it is very likely
that you will see a reaction to eating these foods appear on your face. So an acne prevention diet would involve
figuring out what foods are causing you a problem. And once you’ve determined the culprits, it will be easy enough
to get rid of your acne by avoiding certain foods.

Some of the most common foods that cause allergies or food sensitivities are foods containing wheat, sugar or
yeast. Chocolate and cheese can also cause problems for some people, as can eggs, tomatoes and strawberries.
So eating any of these foods could trigger acne breakouts if you have a sensitivity to them.

Keep a Food Diary

One way to figure out what foods you might be sensitive to is by keeping a food diary. A food diary can be a
simple notebook that you carry with you at all times. Whenever you eat, pull out your notebook and make a note,
listing the food you ate along with the day and time.

The next time you have an acne flare up, look at your notebook and see what foods you ate before that. If it seems
like you had often eaten one particular food (like bread) right before a flare up, you could be sensitive to that
particular food. Removing it from your diet could clear up your skin pretty quickly. It may even be worth having
your doctor test you for food allergies if you strongly suspect a common allergen such as wheat.

Foods You Should Avoid

If you are sensitive to certain foods, they could be responsible for some of your acne flare ups. Keeping a food
diary will help you find out for sure. The foods you should be keeping an eye on include:

Dairy products, like milk, cheese and yogurt
Fried food, such as fried chicken, potato chips and other snacks
Refined and processed foods, like baked goods made with refined flour and sugar
Foods and beverages that contain caffeine, like soda and chocolate
Meat, including beef, pork and chicken

Finding out which foods you might be sensitive to, and avoiding those foods, is a great way to have clearer,
acne-free skin, but it will take some perseverance, especially if you wind up being allergic to something as
common as wheat. If you can successfully eliminate the allergen from your diet though, your skin will thank you for
it and you will feel so much better about yourself too.


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